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Ralf Meyer – a naturopathic practitioner in Germany – was the first to recognise the unprecedented potential of a new therapeutic approach, Cell Symbiosis Therapy®. He has spent many years translating Dr. Kremer’s work into practice, and communicating its efficacy to therapists and patients alike. Over 4,000 practitioners – both doctors and natural healthcare practitioners – throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as in the Netherlands, France, Spain and now increasingly also the UK, are already applying CST in their clinics, with impressive results.


Ralf Meyer has written a book called “Cell Symbiosis Therapy® – A Revolutionary New Approach to Chronic Disease”: the first part is already available in English as an eBook on this website. Please refer to www.cst-academy.co.uk, where both therapists and non-therapists can find out more about the therapy. There is information about training courses for therapists on the website. Please contact info@cst-academy.co.uk if you would like information about practitioners using CST in the UK or anywhere else in the world, or have any other queries.


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